Humans Advancing from the Archetype of Hero to Alchemist

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Humans Advancing from the Archetype of Hero to Alchemisttranscript of March 31, 2018 channel session:

We want to speak to you today about the nature of human interaction with the creational field. We watch you humans put the “cart before the horse” regularly when creating your lives. We use an old “human” expression to bring attention to the potential inefficient use of energetic energy because a cart being pulled before a horse ensures the power to move a cart is never being used in the most appropriate way.

The hardship and suffering of the human have been in a difficult phase the last 13,000 years. Humans have been living with the influence of the cosmic template of the HERO’s journey and the nature of your experiences have been focused on surviving the challenge. Overcoming the obstacle; rising to the occasion; living to succeed is a common focus in every human’s life. This way of life was often hard or the Hero Archetype could never be developed. The good news is, there is a new story in town, waiting to be learned, to be adopted, but humans must understand the intense seduction to their old Hero landscapes before they can finally break free of the old story.

The energy of mental and emotional ANTICIPATION is the fuel from which the HERO often creates from and this type of creation has fundamental flaws in the energetic landscape in which life is created from. Human nature of everyday creations is drawn through a historic communicational landscape rather than the most opportune precept of the soul’s vision that has endless possibilities.

Through your socialization programs, you have been taught that history is important and that you must remember your past to ensure the safety or an adequate supply of sustenance will be provided for or you are taught life will become hard. ANTICIPATION has been the foundation for the HERO to ensure their victory to overcome the biggest challenges possible. This has set you up on a reactive course to compete with other humans and the Earth herself to ensure you have the resources to survive. ‘Darwin’s theory of Evolution’ that the strong will survive is the plot of the story you have been living in.

The matrix influence of cause and effect continues to imprint you with the “life is hard” theme. Your news, your interactions with others is based on stories of what has happened with the details of what ‘did not go well’ rather than what ‘went right’. Humans perpetuating these types of stories, keep humans locked in timelines that are focused on suffering rather than focusing on the potentiality of what could take place. When a human remembers and recapitulates a story through an emotional, mental and even verbal exchange, that human interacts with that specific communication grid with a similar theme.

The longer humans engage with those type of story themes, the more they create an energetic pathway within the “human communication field” which opens doorways to other timelines that are relatable to those stories through energetic resonance. We watch you put your “cart before your horse” every day by focusing on what happened in the past and here, unfortunately, is where you often “live and create” your life from.

The themes of a story in which you resonate with through daily interaction with those themes open doors to other fields within the Human Communication field that then fuels your creation within this Earthly construct. The momentum of creational energy can build with the more mental and emotional focus being put on the story and that experience. The real momentum that fuels ‘realities creations’ really takes hold when doorways are opened to fields like the ASTRAL DIMENSION and the HUMAN COLLECTIVE Field. There is lots of fuel in these fields especially when it comes to the stories of challenge and difficulty. Think about humans who are suffering in war-torn countries and places where genocide has taken place in recent time. Their struggle is real and very intense and happening now. The energetic influence they live within is extremely difficult.  Those very low resonance energies exist now within the Human Collective field which can flow to those who are thinking about ‘how hard life’ can be. Humans do not realize where they draw their creational power from but it can pack a punch in negative ways.

The ‘Anticipation of Survival ‘ can be worn by two different people who wear two different outfits in two different parts of the world experiencing similar stories but with two extremely different outcomes. However, the energy of their experiences can be shared through the Human Communication field because doorways to those energies are open between the two humans. Where we ‘think’, we draw from. There is no difference between ‘the fear of future’ in the Western worlds construct, and ‘the fear of future’ in a war-ravaged country in Africa. The relatable story of these two very different stories are ‘the fear of future’ and they share energy within the Human Communication Field even though they can be vastly different.

The HERO’s journey template was triggered within the global Human Communication Field on Earth over 13,000 years ago. All human beings born to this planet have a reference to the HERO’s journey in some format within their DNA or they would not incarnate on this planet. Perhaps one human is rising to become a HERO, another person is harmed by the HERO. Another person may live without confidence because they don’t believe they can be a HERO. Or perhaps, you hate HEROs and you came to battle against them. All forms of this story regardless of your position in relation to the HERO have been triggered within each Earthly person’s blueprint in some way or another. Some people may barely relate and others are living in the deep influence of this archetypal journey.

The key message that we share with you today is that HERO archetype and that EARTH bound story is now being renewed and the imprints of energy that would exist at a global level that is being broadcast via the HUMAN COLLECTIVE field are being dissolved so a new more evolved archetypal influence can come online for all beings on EARTH. The days of the HERO are over because there is a new archetype of the ALCHEMIST beginning to be birthed.

The days of the Human Survivalist connected to the HERO influence are becoming outdated and the days of the MAGICIAN are coming online. They key is humans must reboot their operating systems to upgrade their realities to reflect this new opportunity. You can not expect to release the Hero when you are still living in anticipation and the need rise above the conflict and strife. The need to be VICTORIOUS is done.

Humans have graduated to the next level of the ascension construct and now it’s time to begin the new journey of understanding through these magical archetypes that can assist humans to remember who they are as CO-CREATORS on a very fertile planet.

This has been written in the COSMIC BOOK OF CREATION and it will be so!

Cindi Johnston – Material is copy-written(C)

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