Cosmic Creation by HOTA

Disclaimer – to keep the essence of these messages intact, we choose not to edit for grammar or spelling. Please forgive any errors the channel has made in conveying HOTA’s Sacred Message.

Cosmic Creation by HOTA –  transcript of Feb. 15,2018 channel session:

We must understand the nature of energy and work with it appropriately to support a healthy, balanced life. Energy is a fuel provided by the universe. It can not be created nor destroyed, it can only be moved through cycles of exchange. Energy is like the colored rainbow. It has a complex spectrum of frequencies that we can not completely see with the naked eye but for humans, we sense it through our emotions. When we feel good and upbeat, we are exchanging with the most ‘opportune energy’ that resonates with our soul. When we feel off, down, unhappy, fearful we are interacting/exchanging with discordant energies that do not support us or our soul’s purpose here on Earth.

If we were to learn to drive our lives based on how we feel like we have learned to navigate a car on the road, driving from one location to another successfully, we would live much more in tune with our soul’s desire and life would unfold in the most amazing ways. The crux, the challenge, the stickiness of those choices, is we have learned to navigate life by the reactions of others, so we often make our course corrections through serving others rather than honoring our soul’s desire. Some would say this idea is selfish, and our response: we need to focus on the desire of the soul to be fulfilled. To serve another more than oneself creates resistance and woundedness and those personal wounds then create a discordant society filled with many wounded citizens. A baby newly born into this world before social programming takes hold knows the desire of itself and the soul and it demands it. It is with the creating of the human conditioning processes that our programming detours a human from its soul’s plan. When we are off from our plan that is when we can struggle and suffer.

We are going through a consciousness shift and the future generations will operate differently than we have witnessed here for the last 26,000 years. Children being born today will not be so programmable. They will not choose to bend to the nature and demands of their outside world. Their souls will direct them to find their true nature and live by those interests and desires only. We can expect it will take 2-3 generations for our societies to get on track again with cosmic laws and become more natural in their way of being which will then heal our wounded conditions and our societies at large. Within the next 4-5 generations, peace will return to Earth yet again as we cohabitate in the most natural of ways with ourselves and the Earth herself. This has been written in the COSMIC BOOK OF CREATION and it will be so!

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