book coverShifting Timelines – Co-create an Extraordinary Life

Ancient Indigenous spiritual leaders spoke of a time when the Earth’s vibrations would undergo one of the most profound shifts ever to take place. That change would usher in a rare opportunity for humanity to experience greater and more expansive levels of spiritual awareness.

The Mayan Prophecy surrounding 2012 was really an announcement by the elders that the Earth would soon move into a part of the universe that would have us energetically interact with unprecedented higher vibrational cosmic frequencies. We are now there and this is why we are witnessing profound changes in our climate, and turmoil in the political, scientific and spiritual order.

Humanity’s period of spiritual delusion is coming to an end. Men and women throughout the world are becoming aware in greater numbers than ever before that they are co-creators of their Earth experience. They are realizing they can empower themselves to create the outcomes they desire and end unnecessary suffering. This time of profound change has sparked a realization among those seeking enlightenment that a stepped up level of spiritual awareness is within their grasp in a way it never has been before.

As the mystics of ancient times foretold, humanity is at a pivotal point in evolution and we are well placed to understand our true nature and use the power to change our lives for the better.    Now is the time to be Divine!

COMING SOON – Fall 2017

book cover

New book from Cindi Johnston for release later in 2017.
About the book
: Parallel Timelines, The Collective Human Field, the Earth Matrix… the ideas presented in “Shifting Timelines” may well be the most important information you receive in this lifetime. The inter-connection of these concepts, explained in this fascinating book, illuminates the reasons why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you. While the phrase “where attention goes, energy flows” may be true, what is also true is that there are hidden energies and emotions that can interfere with attracting what you want. Read more


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