Energetic Tools to Uplift Life

We are exchanging energy with our outside environment all the time. This could include the receiving of energy signatures of ’emotions and thoughts’ from other people. Where we ‘relate’, we unconsciously communicate with energies which will then impact our own personal feelings that we may or may not be aware of is not ours.

This shift of ages that we are experiencing at this time is causing us to be more empathic and more vulnerable to the emotional and mental energy world around us. We must take the management of our energy fields very seriously or we can suffer unnecessarily.

I use my own VIBEMAMA products that I create through alchemical means including Crystal imprinting and pyramid charging to help myself maintain a higher vibrational life. I sell these products directly and through local Calgary retailers.


These are vibrational products I create by using plant wisdom, shamanic prayer, crystal energy and pyramid power. They can be used in many places because the essential oil scent is light. I use the plants to assist in shifting the frequency of our energetic field and mind. Use intentional phrases while using the products such as “I am balanced” and “I am well” and you will power up your creations by intending what you seek while using sacred energies to amplify your intentions. Visit the website and send us an email if you want these products shipped to you directly.



Soul Sprays – $20 CDN + Shipping + GST

Soul Soaks – $15 CDN + Shipping + GST

Soul Waters – $10 CDN + Shipping + GST

Note: there are wholesale options if you purchase a minimum order of $150 CDN

Please email us at: info@vibemamas.ca






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